torylines records your personal memories as a legacy for future generations. Imagine your grandparents' lives on film or CD or your own story in a beautiful book for your children. Our professional writers, editors and broadcasters can make this happen. The process is simple and easy and there's something for everyone's budget. These unique gifts are perfect for a special birthday or anniversary. Click on the links below to see some of our work or go to to see the full range of our products.


storylines books....

Our books range from an overview of someone's life to a full biography. We also make 'Tribute Books' where people can write about a loved one.

Joy Boughton, Retired Doctor

Our Nanna (tribute book)


storylines films....

Our films include photos, music, home video and fresh film footage. 

Bruce Tyrrell, Winemaker

Joy Boughton, Retired Doctor

Corey Monk, Businessman


storylines audio...

Our audio CDs include interviews and music.

John remembers his father's capture by Japanese forces in WW2 and his terrifying journey to the Burma railroad (6'41)



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